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The American monthly is most of the times preoccupied with reliability when it comes to vehicles, but this year its editors are trying to find out which cars are most likable and which are not.

The latest issue of “Consumer Reports”, from January 2016, is looking at how car owners are relating to their cars, in terms of “love it” or “hate it”. The article is the result of a survey conducted on 230,000 persons who invested in model cars launched in the last three years and its intention is to rate the level of customer satisfaction.

The top of the class in the “love it” category is Tesla Model S, a car which has already been praised in the past in the American magazine. An overwhelming 97% of its owners stated they would give Tesla repeated business, by buying the same electric luxury car again. The reasons were related both to the car’s performance and the low “fuel” costs: Tesla Model S can be charged in their own garage or in Tesla’s free Supercharger network. The only inconvenience is the difficulty to use it in longer trips, which put a dent into its shinny reputation, with Tesla Model S coming in the 40th place in this respect.

The second place was taken by the Chevrolet Corvette, a car with a large fan base, with the following spots being occupied by three models from the Porsche collection: Macan, 911 and Cayman, respectively. It is interesting to note that all top three models have rather bad reliability scores, but, despite this, they are liked by their owners.

In the “hate it” category, the shameful first place goes to Kia Rio, a subcompact released only one year ago, followed by Nissan Sentra, also and compact, and two Jeep models (Compass and Patriot), whose production has been discontinued. It is interesting to add that in the “hate it” top 10, both Fiat Chrysler and Nissan have each four cars. Apparently, some of the most disliked features are related to a car’s safety systems (uselessness or lack of) and fuel economy. “Consumer Reports” stated that: “poor fuel economy can be a crushing blow.”

“Love it” List
1. Tesla Model S
2. Chevrolet Corvette
3. Porsche Cayman
4. Porsche Macan
5. Porsche 911
6. Acura MDX
7. Ford Mustang
8. BMW 2 Series
9. Subaru Outback
10. Volkswagen Golf

“Hate it” List
1. Kia Rio
2. Nissan Sentra
3. Jeep Compass
4. Jeep Patriot
5. Hyundai Veloster
6. Dodge Journey
7. Nissan Versa Note
8. Nissan Juke
9. Fiat 500L
10. Nissan Pathfinder

Via Detroit Free Press