Consumer Reports tells you what are the best car infotainment systems image

If you have ever wondered what are the most appreciated infotainment systems, a Consumer Reports survey shed some light around this tech.

The infotainment system is one of the most important features of a car, as it provides constant interaction with the driver, and a buggy one can lead to a lot of frustration. Therefore, Consumer Reports made a survey on the matter by asking owners of around 56,000 vehicles to give their feedback. Based on their answers, the one which emerged on top may be considered quite a surprise by many, considering the fact that it is provided by Fiat Chrysler.

70 percent of responders said they were very pleased by the company’s upscale Uconnect 8.4, as it offers a straightforward touch-screen design, combined with a few traditional knobs and buttons and has reliable Bluetooth and voice commands. This higher version is way more responsive and welcoming than the entry-level Uconnect system, which was rated with only 49 percent satisfaction.

Next in line was Hyundai’s Blue Link, with 63 percent of pleased owners, followed on the third spot by BMW’s intricate iDrive system. However complicated, 60 percent of people have showed satisfaction towards it. By contrast, Cadillac Cue was placed at the bottom of the rank. Owners criticized Cue for being “sluggish” and trouble-¬prone, with one of the owners saying that “this car REALLY needs a co-pilot with an IT degree.”

Via Consumer Reports