Continental has started ABS production at its plant in Varzea Paulista close to Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Continental has made an investment of 10 million euro to start ABS production at the Varzea Paulista plant, which until now manufactured only hydraulic brake systems. The new ABS production line has a maximum manufacturing capacity of 1.2 million units per year.

Continental Electronic Brake Systems Business Unit Brazil head Michael Diehl said: “ABS production will be based on a two-shift system in the first half of 2013; three-shifts will then be worked in the second half of the year. We have taken on 80 new employees in order to achieve this.”

Frank Jourdan, executive vice president at Continental Chassis & Safety Division Electronic Brake Systems Business Unit, said that demand for the ABS systems is increasing in Brazil, mainly because beginning with 2014 it will be mandatory for all new vehicles.

“By producing these systems in-country, we are matching our portfolio to the requirements of our local customers,” Jourdan added.

Today, the ABS safety system is standard equipment for vehicles and a legal requirement in many markets. The ABS (anti-lock brake systems) prevents the wheels from locking up if brakes are applied in an emergency, therefore the car remains steerable and stable.


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