Continental delivers technology for Dacia Sandero image

Continental AG is one of the partners of Automobile Dacia Pitesti also for the production of the new model Dacia Sandero. Five of the six divisions of the corporation deliver Continental technology: tires, electronic control units, sensor systems, piping and infotainment, contributing to the safety and the comfort in the new model.

“We are there, where our customers are. For Continental, Romania is a strategic location for supplying the Eastern European automotive market. We are glad to extend our collaboration with Daciafrom the Logan model, to the new Dacia Sandero model”, mentions Martin Zaloudek – Market Manager Tires for Continental in Romania.

“The new Dacia Sandero model wants to meet the requirements of also more demanding customer, who do not only want a transportation mean from A to B, but rather an offer: comfort, safety, entertainment, but with low consumption and costs”, says Mr. Liviu Ion – Communication Director of Automobile Dacia.

“Our engineers are constantly working on developing electronic high-tech solutions, to increase the safety and pleasure of driving” highlights Christian Rüdiger, General Manager of the Automotive Production and R&D center in Timi?oara.

As far as the automotive business field is concerned, Continental through the division for Chassis & Safety delivers brake boosters and airbag control units, produced in the Sibiu plant. The division Powertrain, equips the new model with injectors (for 1.6L 16v gasoline engine vehicles), engine control units (on the 1.6L 16v, 1.6L 8v, 1.0L 16v gasoline engine vehicles), transmission control unit for automatic gearbox (on the 1.6L 16v gasoline engine), ETC – electronic throttle control (on the 1.6L 16V engine), camshaft sensor and mass airflow sensor (on the 1.5d Ci diesel engine). The division Interior produces the BMC – the body control unit, and also the audio system for the South-American market, which should add to the pleasure of driving the new model.

The ContiTech division contributes with membranes for the regulation of fuel distribution and the power steering pipelines, the last from the production plant in Timi?oara.

Every second Dacia Sandero leaves the production line with Continental tires – the majority with ContiEcoContact 3 tires, size 185/65 R15 88T – produced in Timisoara.Dacia was in 2005 the first partner for original equipment of the Continental tires plant in Timisoara, which also collaborates with customers like: Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota or VW. “Tires of the last technological generation have an important contribution to traffic safety. For us, the safety of our customers is of highest priority, a core criterion in conducting our activity and an important part of Continental’s vision”, declares Thierry Wipff, General Manager of the tires plant Continental AG from Timisoara.

The Continental Corporation is present in Romania since 1998 and invested already more than 350 million euros. The corporation is represented by five of it’s six divisions in the country and is one of the most attractive employers, offering over 6,200 jobs in the locations: Timi?oara, Sibiu, Carei, Arad and Iasi.