Continental Expands the Mount Vernon Tire Plant image

Continental Tire of the Americas plans to expand the Mount Vernon plant investing $129 million and adding 100 new full-time jobs in the following three years.

The company said that the move is necessary due to increased demand for Continental and General tires. Vice President of Manufacturing Benny Harmse said that $95 million will be used for the expansion the commercial vehicle tire production and the rest of $34 million will be invested to upgrade the equipment and expand the warehouse.

Since 2006 Continental has invested more than $600 million to expand and upgrade the Mount Vernon facility. The plant currently employs 3, 200 workers and manufactures more than 14 million tires annually. The CVT expansion, which is expected to be completed by mid-2015, will increase production with over 3 million truck tires and add around 100 jobs.

“With the investment in the Mount Vernon CVT production area, we are adding volume to support the current market, enhancing our capabilities for advanced technologies and increasing our ability to anticipate the market demands of the future,” Continental’s Paul Williams said. “This investment is further commitment to Continental’s strategy for growth in the Americas.”

  • Susan Carter

    What great news for Mount Vernon – so many new jobs and to meet a market that is already there – a very smart move by Continental. Having just restructured their loans, it's great to see the funds being used wisely. Rather interesting though – I am from the UK and keep a close watch on Europe with my job – I have noticed that Continental and it's largest shareholder The Schaeffler Group seem to be following very similar expansion plans. Schaeffler is expanding it's plant in Cheraw, SC and they are both opening up production plants in Russia – Schaeffler for the first time although they've been there since 1997. Continental is also opening a factory in Hungary whereas Schaeffler is expanding it's existing plant to the tune of an extra 700 jobs. All good news for the auto industry as the cheaper overheads and labour costs will hopefully result in more competitively priced parts. I'm sure they are both looking out for the next emerging market.

  • @pip1306

    I rather think the Continental is following Schaefflers expansion plans not the other way round. In the end it was Schaeffler, who brought Continental back to life.