Continental granted license to test its autonomous cars in Nevada image

Auto parts supplier Continental today received approval from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to test autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads.

It is the first license granted by the Nevada DMV to an automotive supplier and the second after Google’s. Continental’s testing license is for the company’s highly automated vehicle.

“At Continental, we continue to invest in research and development for next generation technologies – such as our highly automated vehicle – that will drive us toward a safer, more efficient and more comfortable future,” said Dr. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of the executive board of Continental.

The company sees automated driving as a key element in the mobility of the future and is committed to making the technology a reality. „We will be able to develop the first applications for highly and ultimately fully automated driving, even at higher speeds and in more complex driving situations, ready for production by 2020 or 2025,” Degenhard added.

Following approvals, Continental will receive its testing license and red license plate featuring an infinity sign to represent the car of the future. The plate is designed to be easily recognized by law enforcement and the public at large. It will only be used for licensed autonomous test vehicles.

Unlike a completely automated vehicle, Continental’s current highly automated vehicle is designed to always have a driver monitoring behind the wheel. Designed as a driver assist system, the automated vehicle can accommodate multiple driving scenarios. To find it more about Continental’s autonomous vehicle, check out the video below.