Continental Tire Pressure Monitoring report to mobile phone image

Continental’s tire pressure monitoring system will soon be able to report to smart phones. The system also provides information about the correct pressure when tires are inflated.

Continental is making driving safer and more economical for the future with a new application that reports the tire pressure directly to a smart phone. The vehicle electronic is connected wirelessly with the driver’s smart phone, therefore making speedy data exchange possible.

The Continental Interior Division’s “Filling Assistant” specifies the exact inflation pressure of each tire. So when adding air, the optimum tire pressure can be achieved, even when inflation pumps at the filling station do not measure the pressure accurately.
In addition, a brief honk and blink signal can be given to confirm when the tire has been inflated to the correct pressure level.

Technical requirements for the system are a tire pressure monitoring system with the corresponding sensors in the tires and factory-integrated vehicle electronics with a wireless interface. First series production of the Filling Assistant in new vehicles is expected from 2013 onwards.