Continental’s new audio system does away with speakers image

We’ve seen cars with entry-level audio systems miss a speaker or two, but now Continental has used science to get rid of them altogether – though your concert hall experience won’t be jeopardized.

High-end audio systems are looking to cram as many speakers possible inside cars, but this possible setup might bring zero balance to the speaker sheet. Continental’s new system Ac2ated Sound is actually making use of the car itself as a speaker – and theoretically the occupants would get proper surround sound. “In the age of electric vehicles, car manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions to drastically reduce the weight of their vehicles and gain space for passengers and new technologies,” comments Johann Hiebl, Continental’s head of business unit infotainment and connectivity. “Our approach is to treat the car itself as an instrument. We use compact actuators to excite suitable surfaces to thus generate a natural, 3D sound experience.”

Technical details aside, the idea states that some of the car’s parts are naturally good for various frequencies – Continental says A-pillars bode with high frequencies, door panels with mid-range frequencies, while areas like the roof and rear shelf could become suitable subwoofers. Continental then uses actuators to deliver vibrations. The speakerless setup also has the advantage of dropping more than 50 pounds of weight and would also free up interior space due to the lack of speakers and related components.

Continental’s new audio system does away with speakers 1