Couple Accused of Stealing GM Trade Secrets Set for Sentencing image

The Michigan couple found guilty of stealing GM trade secrets will be sentenced tomorrow, April 30th, in a Detroit District Court.

Shanshan Du, a former GM engineer, and her husband, Yu Qin, are accused of stealing GM trade secrets related to hybrid technology which they were planning to use to develop hybrid electric vehicles in China with Chery Automobile. Shanshan Du, 53, was found not guilty of three counts of wire fraud, while her husband Yu Qin, 51, was found guilty on all six counts, plus a count for obstruction of justice.

The wire fraud counts and the obstruction charge carry a penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, while the trade secret counts carries 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $250,000.

Du, who was hired in 2009 as an engineer for the automaker’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Group in Detroit, copied 16,262 documents covering hybrid vehicles in February 2005, from which 18 contained trade secrets. According to a report published by the Associated Press, the couple’s attorney is asking for probation as the company suffered no actual loss.

“There were no ‘trade secrets’ involved in this case. We are sorry the jury did not understand that and we hope the court or the court of appeals will set aside this verdict,” said Frank Eaman, Qin’s attorney.

Source: Automotive News Europe