Fiat announced on Tuesday it complied with a court ruling that ordered the carmaker to re-hire 19 workers at its Pomigliano d’Arco plant near Naples.

On October 19, a Rome appeals court ruled that Fiat must reinstate 19 employees who are members of the FIOM/CGIL labour union and had filed a complaint about alleged discrimination. On October 31, Fiat said it will comply with the decision but in order to do that it would have to lay off 19 other workers. The carmaker explained that falling demand for cars in Italy and Europe meant that the workforce at the Pomigliano d’Arco factory was oversized.

Fiat didn’t announce on Tuesday whether it had made the 19 layoffs it said were necessary to keep its staffing levels in line with market demand following the court ruling. The Italian carmaker underlined on Tuesday that the staff levels at its Pomigliano d’Arco plant were “above levels necessary due to the strong drop in Italian and European market demand.”

“To be reinstated, the workers concerned will first have to resign from Fiat Group Automobiles then sign a new employment contract, agreeing to the economic terms and regulations of our company, Fabbrica Italia Pomiliano,” read Fiat’s press release.
The plant is currently idled because of weak demand.


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