Crashed Lamborghini Aventador spotted in the U.S. image

Another Lamborghini Aventador has been involved in an incident which will leave a pretty big scar in its owner’s bank account, if the insurance won’t cover it.

Crashed Lamborghini Aventadors seem to be on almost any road and if most of the times we have a clue on how they ended up looking all wrinkled, this time we don’t know what happened to the model pictured above. All we can see is a crashed body and the supercar probably heading towards a repair shop, or even the car yard. According to Wrecked Exotics, the crashed Italian supercar was spotted in Parsippany, NJ, USA.

Lamborghini has introduced the Aventador 3 years ago, in 2011, as a replacement for the Murcielago. This has a rear mid-engine and all-wheel drive layout, being sold in two body style versions, two-door coupe and two-door roadster. A 6.5 liter V12 naturally aspirated engine can be found under its hood, which is producing a total output of 690 HP (510 kW) and 690 Nm (510 lb-ft) of torque, at 5,500 rpm. The official 0 to 100 km/h acceleration figure stands at just over 3 seconds and the top speed is 350 km/h (217 mph).