Crashed Tesla Model S spotted in California image

A brand new Tesla Model S with a ruined body has been spotted recently on a trailer at a company’s repair center, in California.

A Tesla Model S has definitely seen better days and it will probably end up into the crusher judging by its looks. The images posted below have been taken in Fremont, California, outside a Tesla service center. We actually don’t have a clue on how the crash occurred or if the driver managed to escape without any serious injuries but one thing is for sure, the luxurious electric car will need a steady hand and enough money to return to its former glory.

The Tesla Model S is being assembled in Fremont, CA, since 2012, and it’s coming as a full-sized electric car, with a rear-motor and a rear-wheel drive layout. The Tesla Model S is getting several battery options, like the 60 kWh and the 86 kWh, with the most expensive one providing it with a range of approximately 500 km (310 miles), and the cheapest one of 335 km (208 miles). The vehicle stands at 4,976 mm in length (195.9 in), 1,963 mm in width (77.3 in) and 1,435 mm in height (56.5 in).

Source: Wrecked Exotics