Cross-game merchandising sees Fallout 4 Chryslus Rocket 69 available in Forza 6 image

We live in a digital world – well that’s going to have new meanings after this cross-game promotion. Here’s an unlikely partnership between a driving simulator and a post-apocalyptic survival RPG.

If you’re new to the computer gaming genre – aside from telling you should stop living under a rock – we’ll also ask you to just skip to the next piece of news before you ask us why a weapon commonly used by terrorists is linked to the digital world. So, for all those that know that RPG stands for role playing game, we’re happy to announce the beautiful, quirky and utterly interesting Fallout series has made a switch to the “real world” – and we’re talking here precisely about one of the game’s piece of technology that’s both retro and futuristic at the same time. But let’s get down to it, the Chryslus Rocket ’69, was designed back in 1969 – but one nuclear war and 218 years afterwards this beautiful sports car might say it has seen better days.

Now comes into play the collaboration between Fallout 4 and Forza 6 – revealed in November 2015 – as the battered and scorched Chryslus Rocket ’69 magically and digitally turns into a shiny new example. Players will be allowed to drive the two-door single-seater on the simulator’s tracks, but you can’t buy it outright inside the game because it will only be available to people who own both games on Xbox Live. Built in 1969, you should expect the Rocket to be rather shaggy in terms of driving but it will at least go to 200 mph (320 km/h).