Crown Victoria to be Replaced by Three Sedans image

Three new sedans: the Dodge Charger, the Ford Interceptor and the Chevrolet Caprice police pursuit vehicle, are waiting to replace Crown Victoria.

Crown Victoria was the ideal vehicle for a police pursuit: spacious, fast and durable, with the rear-wheel drive layout perfect for high-speed performance. Unfortunately the model was too old, the engineering dating back to the 1970s, so it could not meet new fuel economy, safety and emissions needs. The first Ford Crown Victoria was built in 1955, with many distinctive features setting it apart in the mid 1950s.

Now a large and profitable market has opened, with GM and Chrysler determined to overpass Ford in the pursuit-car business. GM already prepared the rear-wheel drive Chevrolet Caprice patrol, Chrysler has its RWD Charger Pursuit sedan and Ford developed front- and all-wheel drive police versions of the Taurus.

The Michigan State Police’s precision driving unit conducted exhaustive vehicle tests and rated the cars’ braking, acceleration, top speed, handling, ergonomics and many more. Besides the three sedans, Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet also sell police versions of their Durango, Explorer and Tahoe.