Cummins beats Tesla to the punch, reveals Aeos electric semi-truck image

Everyone’s been keeping their attention focused on the upcoming Tesla Semi reveal this month and a different manufacturer has managed to snatch away the honor of unveiling the world’s first electric truck.

Cummins has managed to catch everyone off-guard with the surprise introduction of the “Aeos,” the company’s first zero-emissions truck, unwrapped at the technical center in Columbus, Indiana. The electric semi-truck has been developed to include a massive 140-kWh battery pack that has enough energy for a range of 100 miles between two charges, meaning it will be useful on short commutes, rather than long-haul. At the moment, just one hour is needed to completely recharge the battery, with the target of reaching just 20 minutes by the turn of the decade. If a trucker wants to go beyond the confines of the urban setting, more battery packs can be fitted and the Aeos will reach a range of up to 300 miles (483 kilometers) between two charges.

Cummins beats Tesla to the punch, reveals Aeos electric semi-truck 2

Cummins is well known for its diesel and natural gas engines, but the environmentally friendly Aeos is something new entirely – and has been designed for maximum efficiency. For example, there are solar roof panels to recharge the battery – though we suspect more energy will be harvested from the regenerative braking feature. It’s also a highly aerodynamic truck, with streamlined design, better sealed body and underbody – while the tractor day cab boasts a gross vehicle weight rating limit of 75,000 pounds (about 34,000 kilograms). According to reports, the target sales date is 2019 – production is not actually handled fully by Cummins, they supply the entire battery electronics system and a different manufacturer – still unknown – comes up with the battery cells.