While the month of January is not even over yet, the world of automotive industry has already presented itself with two weeks of awe and wonder for the industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

And since we’re just starting another half of a decade, we could do some math, some predictive compositions and some guessing – judging all that in a very nice and tight package to see where automotive technology goes before the next page is turned on a new decade. Because wild guessing is involved, we tried to narrow down the period a tad to just the next five years – judging from the fact that in recent years the auto industry seems to be on a rollercoaster ride. And, because consumers everywhere in the world have changed their perspective to not only judge design and fact figures for a new car, we can see how auto technology is the biggest ongoing priority today.

First off, let’s get out of the way the autonomous / connected car thing: we now it’s coming and it seems inevitable. Notice we didn’t say completely autonomous vehicles – they do need more than five years to assert as a viable option and we also reckon the connected car segment won’t lead to your new vehicle purchase talking back to you. Instead, partially assisted driving will be available, while little “black boxes” will enable car-to-car and car-to-environment communication to lower the number of traffic accidents and alleviate jams. Second, there are a number of emerging possibilities, stemming from the fact that government will make do on their mandates to lower fuel consumption and polluting emissions. We really think that electric cars won’t gain that much coveted breakthrough yet – there are two disputing technologies (battery and fuel cell) and the public will only adopt them when recharging and hydrogen refilling stations will be just as readily available as their traditional counterparts.



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