Renault’s affordable brand Dacia started its offensive a decade ago with the advent of its first modern car – the low-cost Logan sedan. Now in its second generation already, the model has grown to fulfill more expectations than anticipated.

Just like in a Cinderella story, the French group – the fourth largest automaker in Europe – took under it’s wing the Romanian auto producer, which had its first “affair” with Renault in the 1960s with locally produced versions of the Renault 8 and 12.

The automaker joined Renault’s brands in 1999 – and their first “child” was the Logan. It was a very affordable car – although not the fabled 5000-euro car envisioned at the time. With continued investment from the French parent, Dacia grew in size and models – to a today’s lineup of seven models – including the European best-selling Sandero hatch and Duster SUV.

Together with its Sandero sibling, Logan grew up swiftly during the decade – graduating from the no-frills car with 1980s design and interior to a second-generation model that ultimately delivers all modern amenities at a bargain price.

To mark the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the model – Dacia has launched on the Romanian market – a “10 Years” anniversary edition that comes with exterior and interior design changes, as well as new comfort amenities. There are two powertrain options – 1.2 gasoline and 1.5 diesel, with prices ranging from 9400  to 11.300 euros.

On the outside, the limited series has been discreetly personalized, with changes to the headlights and a new design for the alloys, while the interior has been tweaked even more. There is a new “Noir Brillant” center console and for the first time on a Dacia model ever, the climate system is automated. Also, which is just a long-forgotten detail, the buttons for the electric windows are finally in their usual place, on the doors.


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