After the French based automaker Renault has recently announced that it will be developing a 2.500 euro car for emerging markets, recent details are point towards the company’s sub-brand, Dacia, which might produce the model under the Citadine name.

Even if Renault has some plans to develop a cheap car for the emerging markets which will most likely battle the Indian Tata Nano, considering the fact that it will be sold for 2.500 EUR or 3.400 USD, its Romanian sub-brand Dacia might actually produce the model, which seems fair because the French based automaker has officially announced, earlier this year, that it will move upmarket and leave the low-cost segment to Dacia.

Rumors say that the Dacia Citadine, as it might be named, will be targeted to emerging markets and will be developed on a completely new platform, measuring 3.6 meters long. Even if the image above, made by, seems to be a redesigned version of the Dacia Sandero, the Citadine might actually have something in common with it and one thing is for sure, the model will be a hatchback.

Sadly this is all we know for now about the upcoming Dacia Citadine but more details on the model will emerge close to its launch. Its future customers will have to wait at least three more years until they will be able to get their hands on one, with the Citadine being rumored to make its way into the market sometimes in 2014 or 2015.


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