Dacia Dokker leaked image

The Romanian based automaker Dacia is planning a new model which will be named the Dokker and it will be closely related to the Renault Kangoo.

With the all-new Dacia Lodgy being officially presented to the public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the car manufacturer is once again highlighted, this time after a new model has leaked on a dutch website called revealing the sketches and an image with what will be known as the brother of Renault Kangoo.

The future Dacia Dokker is expected to be similar to the Lodgy MPV in its front end design, while the side of the vehicle will bring, in a premiere for the manufacturer, sliding doors, which will allow the model to offer a more efficient loading space. Besides this, the Dacia Dokker will also be fitted with a strengthened roof, in order for the model to be able to transport goods.

According to the Dutch website, the Dacia Dokker should be officially launched in July 2012, but the Romanian car manufacturer didn’t say anything about this yet. If the Dacia Dokker will indeed catch the production line, it will become the fifth model in the automaker’s lineup, after the Logan, Sandero, Duster and Lodgy, and it is expected to replace the current Logan MCV.