The Romanian based automaker Dacia has announced its plans to introduce a special edition of the Duster in Belgium, named the Adventure Edition.

The Dacia Duster has been successful over the years and it managed to attract quite a crowd to the brand but now with rumors saying that it will receive a significant facelift next month in Geneva, the carmaker is trying to sell a lot of units quickly. This is probably the case with the Dacia Duster Adventure Edition, which will be introduced to Belgium, at first. Dacia says that the model will be available exclusively for the Dacia Cherry Club at first, and it will add some interesting features.

Amongst the items found on the Dacia Duster Adventure Edition we can tell you about the tinted rear quarter panels, tinted windows, the extra lights on the model’s roof, the new skid plates at the front and the rear, the Duster Adventure stickers on the hood and on the trunk, the Garmin 350LM with GPS and the Adventure Edition 16-inch black wheels, amongst others. Details on pricing, on the 4WD and other goodies are limited for the moment and will be announced soon.

Source: Dacia Duster Blog


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