Dacia Duster Commercial was launched in the UK image

Dacia has introduced a Duster Commercial in the United Kingdom which is basically a more practical version of the model.

If the Dacia Duster crossover is what you need but you can do without the rear seats, than the Duster Commercial is probably the vehicle of choice for you. The model in question has been launched recently in the United Kingdom and it is coming with a 550 kg payload and a total load volume of 1, 150 liters. This is actually the first time when a Dacia Duster is being offered in a commercial version coming straight from the factory and it was launched due to high demand coming from the UK and Ireland.

In that market, commercial vehicles derived from regular cars stand for up to 30 percent of the total annual sales and this is a good niche for Dacia considering the fact that since January 2013, when the Duster was launched over there, it has managed to sell more than 16,000 units of the model. The Dacia Duster Commercial can be ordered in the standard 4×2 version, for 9,595 GBP, plus VAT, but if the 4×4 version is what you are interested in, than get ready to add 1,700 GBP on top of that. The Dacia Duster Commercial is only offered with the top diesel dCi 110 engine, which is allowing it to reach 100 km/h in 12.2 seconds, in FWD, and to return 56.5 mpg while emitting 130 g/km of CO2. The 4WD variant is promising 54.3 mpg.