Dacia Duster is the best sold SUV of 2011 in Spain and France image

The Dacia Duster has managed to outsell everything in its class this year in Spain and France, where the Romanian model became the best sold SUV.

According to the Romanian based automaker Dacia, the Duster has been sold in 47.845 units in France throughout 2011, while in Spain, the SUV has found 7.000 new owners from January to November 2011. Even if the financial crisis definitely had a major role in making people buy low-cost cars, or low-cost SUVs in this case, this can’t be anything else than a good news to Dacia and its mother brand Renault. The best sold model in France in 2011 was the Renault Clio, while in Spain, the larger Renault Megane was the people’s choice.

Renault says that the Dacia Duster registered 2.4 percent out of the whole French car selling market in 2011, managing to surpass models like the Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Polo or the Ford Fiesta, being the first non-French model to make it into the top 10. Renault has another thing to celebrate at the end of this year after the Megane increased its sales by 15 percent in November, being also the best sold model in Spain in the first ten months of this year.