Dacia Duster with 7-seat configuration planned for next-gen image

A new report is indicating that the new generation of the Dacia Duster will be coming with a 7-seat configuration.

The Dacia Duster has been around for a few years now and it has even received a facelift recently but things are going in the right direction for the budget Romanian SUV and this will eventually receive a new generation, considering the fact that it has proved to be a global success. According to a recent report coming from the the model in question will spawn a 7-seat version once its successor will be hitting the market. This will be slightly longer than the regular 5-seat variant, which will stand at approximately 4.3 meters in length, and it is believed to be about 4.5 meters long.

The extra length added to the wheelbase will allow a more spacious cabin and the capability of installing a third row of seats. The first one to come out will be the standard 5-seat version and a year later, probably in 2018, the 7-seat will be introduced. The new generation of the Dacia Duster is believed to be slightly influenced by the Duster Oroch Concept which has been unveiled last year in Sao Paulo, but the overall looks of the SUV will not bring it that far from the current generation. Rumor has it that the lighting clusters will be using the LED technology and that the engine lineup will be significantly updated. Hopefully, the carmaker will start offering an automatic transmission for the Old Continent too but this remains to be seen.