A recent survey conducted in a few European countries highlighted the fact that the Romanian based automaker Dacia is developing a more reliable vehicle than Toyota, Fiat, Seat or Opel.

According to automobile.challenges.fr, a survey conducted in Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and Portugal revealed that Dacia is the most reliable car manufacturer. The survey was conducted on 29.026 people from the above mentioned countries in March – April, 2011, and the Romanian brand was named more reliable than competitors like Toyota, Fiat, Seat or Opel. The Que Choisir survey had a winner in the MPV segment too, the Renault Scenic, while the Toyota Prius and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class were chosen in their categories. The most reliable vehicle was named the Dacia Sandero.

As a reminder, the Dacia Sandero has been in production ever since 2007 and it’s coming as a five-door hatchback. The model is based on the Logan sedan and its wheelbase is shorter than its brother. The facelifted version of the Sandero has been launched by Renault in Brazil in 2011, and the model will hit Europe this year. The Dacia Sandero is coming with a choice of nine engines, the 1.0 liter 15V (77 HP, the 1.2 liter 16V (75 HP), 1.4 MPI (75 HP), 1.4 MPI (72 HP), 1.5 dCi (70 HP), 1.5 dCi (85 HP), 1.6 MPI (90 HP), 1.6 L (95 HP) and 1.6 16V (112 HP).


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