Being the owner of both Dacia and AvtoVAZ (Lada) automakers, Renault has decided that it’s time to push its Logan model more into the Russian market, betting on patriotism and fitting the car with the Lada logo on it.

Nobody would have thought more than 20 years ago, when Dacia and Lada were one of the few automakers in Eastern Europe who managed to be successful on local markets, that a Dacia body would be sold in Russia as a Lada. And yet this is really happening.

According to Renault, the model will be launched under the Lada Largus name in Russia at the Moscow Auto Show and will be manufactured at Togliatti, Lada’s plant, but with parts sent from Mioveni, Dacia’s plant in Romania.

Even though they will assemble less or more with the Romanian car, Lada will use Logan’s B0 platform to make new cars.

There will be no major changes in terms of design and performance between the Dacia Logan MCV and the Lada Largus, but the Russian car is expected to be placed higher in the market by offering more standard features, like power steering, ABS or central locking.


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