For the first time, Renault is preparing an automatic transmission for Dacia Logan and Sandero.

The main market target of these models is Russia, and therefore the French of Renault have chosen the Moscow Motor Show for the launch.

According to, the conversion to an auto tranny was not difficult, because similar models manufactured by Nissan are already using such a gearbox in Mexico.

The new Dacia models with automatic gearbox are not the first models that are using the automatic transmission. The Nissan Aprio, the name under which the Logan is sold in Mexico, has a version with automatic transmission that is used by Renault for the Clio model.

While in Romania, France and Italy (countries where Dacia Logan sells best) the number of cars with automatic gearboxes is below 5% in general, in Germany, Holand and Great Britain they count for over 50% of the market.



  1. Very poor cars, Renault is making jokes with its poor quality cars along with Peugeot. French cars are very unreliable and dangerous. Go learn from Japanese manufacturers first and then come make cars


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