Dacia may gain significant market share in the UK, CAP forecasts image

Renault’s Dacia brand may gain a significant slice of the UK car market, car information experts at CAP forecast.

Experts who produce CAP Monitor, which forecasts tomorrow’s used car prices for the UK motor industry, believe the time is right for “no frills” budget motoring in Britain and point to Dacia’s success in Germany and France as evidence that the brand can win motorists over.

They also believe that success for Dacia could put the brakes on Chinese ambitions to target the UK car market by getting in first to meet demand for good quality cars at around 30 percent lower prices than existing mainstream offerings.

“With Dacia you are effectively getting a car in one sector for the price of a car in the sector below it. This means the Sandero offers the qualities of a good supermini for the price of a typical city car and the Duster provides a compact 4×4 experience for the cost new of a lower medium car,” said CAP monitor editor Jeff Knight.

With such low front-end pricing motorists will still save significant money on depreciation – the largest cost element in the ownership of any car. “Dacia will not hold the highest percentage of its original cost new but when you compare the actual money lost over 3 years the Sandero in particular offers some of the best value motoring achievable,” Knight added.