Dacia Sandero II available from GBP69 monthly in the UK image

The Romanian based automaker Dacia has recently announced that the new Sandero generation can be bought in the UK with a monthly payment as low as 69 GBP.

According to the car manufacturer, the new generation of the Dacia Sandero is available for its future customers in the United Kingdom from just 5, 995 GBP (7,464 euros / 9,525 USD) on the entry-level Access, and the model can be bought with a deposit of 1,845 GBP (2,300 EUR / 2,931 USD), where the monthly payments will stand at 69 pounds (86 euros / 110 USD) at 9.4 percent APR for 49 months.

In order to keep the car at the end of those 49 months, customers will have to pay the final 1,701 GBP, the 99 GBP acceptance fee and the 149 option purchase fee. These taxes will put the 2013 Dacia Sandero’s final price at 7,106 GBP. If you want to make a lower down-payment, with 699 GBP (870 EUR / 1,110 USD) at 9.9% APR, the monthly payments will stand at 99 GBP (123 EUR / 157 USD). The Dacia Duster SUV is also available with monthly payments of under 100 GBP with a 3,179 GBP deposit.