Dacia Sandero RS hot hatch planned image

The Romanian based automaker Dacia is planning to introduce a hot RS version of the popular Sandero hatchback which will not be offered in Europe.

The budget hatch Dacia Sandero, or the Renault Sandero as it is known in some markets, is about to get hotter with the addition of an RS version. According to the guys from Autocar, who have spoken to Patrice Ratti, the Renaultsport boss, ahead of the 2014 Moscow Motor Show, the model in question is already under way and it should hit emerging markets such as Brazil or Russia.

In order to prove that this is a true budget hot hatch, the new Dacia Sandero RS will not be powered by an engine in the current lineup but, even so, considering the fact that this is lighter than the Clio, it doesn’t need that much power to make it go fast. The most powerful version of the hatchback offered in Russia is powered by a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine, which is rated at 101 HP so the RS will be more powerful. Ratti said that the Sandero RS will be sitting at the base of the Renaultsport division, along with a rumored Twingo RS, being surpassed by the Clio RS and the Megane RS.