Dacia has recently announced that 343.000 units wearing the Romanian based automaker’s logo on them have been sold in 2011.

According to the official website of Dacia, the car manufacturer managed to sell 343.233 vehicles last year, coming in very closely to its previous record for 2010. The Dacia Duster SUV was the best seller of the Romanian brand and Dacia says that 47 percent of all vehicles sold in 2011 were Duster models. On the internal auto market, Dacia sold just 30.867 vehicles in 2011, 8.3 percent less than the previous year, to a total market share of 28.9 percent and almost half of the sales have been made through the national car renewal program.

Dacia says that 312.000 units have been sold outside Romania in 2011 and on the European market 240.470 units have been registered. France is still the first export market for the Romanian brand and 94.000 vehicles have found new owners in Renault’s home country. A significant increase in sales has been noticed in Italy too, 15 percent more than in 2010, where 26.838 units of the Romanian brand have been sold. Other important markets for Dacia were Morocco, 22.356 units, Turkey, 21.339 units and Algeria, 19.242 units. 43.452 Germans have also chosen the Romanian brand in 2011, along with 15.641 Spanish and 14.700 Belgians.


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