Dacia Solenza might be revived in 2015 image

The Romanian based automaker Dacia is planning to revive its Solenza model, and a new generation of the vehicle might hit the market in 2015.

According to caradisiac.com, the new generation of the Dacia Solenza might be developed in the Romanian research centre and the model is expected to be launched in 2015. But there’s a catch to this news because the Solenza is based on the success of the Lodgy MPV, and our source is saying that the extra income, which will be coming from the Lodgy, will be invested into expanding the lineup. This will actually be a first step for Dacia to get rid of the “low-cost” badge and to move higher up-market, along with its mother-brand, Renault.

The guys at caradisiac.com are also saying that the family sedan Solenza will be 4.8 meters in length and it will also be equipped with all the features necessary for a comfortable ride, including multimedia accessories, heated seats, navigation systems and climate control units. The new Dacia Solenza is expected to be based on the Clio2 platform, just like any other Dacia model, and its starting price will be set around 13.000 EUR. The new Dacia Solenza will bring new engines into the manufacturer’s lineup, set between 95 and 150 HP for petrol and 90 to 130 HP for diesels.