Dacia, the most known Romanian brand, reinvented by Renault image

The Romanian Dacia brand was completly reinvented by the French, with the taking over of the car manufacturer by the Renault Group in 1999.

Dacia revolution began in 2004, when Renault Group launched the Logan model, in Paris, which was the first low-cost car made by an European car manufacturer for the local auto market.

The result of introducing the Logan was a radical make-over of Dacia brand, from a low-priced and quality of the cars to a famous one world-wide, due to the “what you pay is what you get” report.

Designed initially for auto markets like Romania, the Logan and the other Dacia models, Sandero and Duster, took over the auto markets world-wide, which were considered inaccessible for car manufactured in Romania.

With over 800 dealers attracted mainly due to the raised production, business is going exceptionally well for the Romanian brand, and figures went up from around 200 million euros, in 2000, to over 2.7 billion nowadays.

Dacia Renault has estimated that the success of Duster SUV will raise the figures to over 3 billion euros this year, coming very close to the largest company in Romania, the Petrom Group.

According to the official Dacia Renault site, the manufacturer has over 341.000 units produced each year, becoming one of the most effective French car plants world-wide.

With a market share of 30.7 percent, almost 3 percent more than in 2009, and a number of 14.000 employees, compared to the Renault experience, it seems the sky is the only limit of Dacia brand.