Dacia to be launched in Australia when Renault will be a hit image

The Dacia brand will be launched in Australia over the following years but only when the Renault brand will be well established locally.

After being “burned” with its low-cost carmaker Dacia on the Old Continent, where the model is a success in selling models like the Logan sedan, the Sandero hatchback, the Lodgy MPV, the Dokker utility vehicle or the Duster SUV, the French based automaker Renault will only launch its sub-brand in Australia once its own vehicles will be well established locally. Renault is showing its concern that Dacia might eventually burry Renault cars.

“The global success of Dacia is something that means that we can’t not consider it, but we certainly don’t have it on our radar for the time being”, as Justin Hocevar told Car Advice in Geneva. “Once we get all Renault things right then maybe we can look at it, but we will be in a much better position than to see what’s the right way to go about it”, he added.

Renault has announced a year ago that the company will move its vehicle lineup up-market in order to compete with cars made by Volkswagen and the gap below will be filled by Dacia, but over these past few months it seems that Renault has forgotten its plans.

Source: Car Advice