Dacia to launch the Logan MCV in the UK from the middle of this year image

Dacia will add its fourth model to its UK lineup, the Logan MCV, from the middle of the year.

The new Logan estate version will join Duster, Sandero and Sandero Stepway on the British market. The new Logan MCV will make its debut at next week’s Geneva motor show. According to Adam Wood, Dacia product manager, the five-seater “will, in effect, be a Sandero estate.”

While the current Logan estate is a seven-seater, the new generation model will only have five seats so that it won’t steal sales from the Lodgy, a compact 7-seat people carrier not sold in the UK.

Wood added the launch of Dacia in the UK is going well. Orders to date are 4,300, of which 2,600 for the Duster and 1,700 for the Sandero, and there are 149 Dacia outlets located within a 30-minute drive of a showroom for 86 percent of buyers.

Although Dacia is selling itself on affordability, buyers are ordering Dusters with an average price of £13,300 (the range starts at £8,995) and 40 percent of them want four-wheel drive. That percentage is well ahead of the 13 percent forecast and also well up on the 25 percent of buyers elsewhere in Europe who opt for 4×4 Dusters.

  • dan p

    great news.
    there is a market in the uk for simple new vehicles.