Dacia announced it will continue negotiations with its workers from the Mioveni plant only if they return to work and get production to normality.

The protests sparked on March 20th and continued during the morning of March 21st, at Dacia’s plant in Mioveni, Romania. Several hundred workers refused to work during this period, without saying exactly what their claims are. Today, March 21st, around 4 p.m. GMT the workers ceased the protest, as the automaker promised to continue negotiations.

Dacia announced that the employees will not be paid during the protest period and that the company will sanction the workers who broke CCM’s stipulations and those found responsible for the illegal production cease. Yesterday, March 20th, the union was notified that the protest is illegal.

“We’re negotiating on the collective work agreement,” Anca Oreviceanu, spokeswoman at Dacia, told Reuters. “We don’t know the impact on production yet.”

According to media reports, Dacia employees are protesting against pay issues, looking for a 25% pay increase. The average gross pay for the automaker’s workers was 3,700 lei ($1,100) in 2012, compared with the national average of 2,100 lei.


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