Daihatsu has a full roster of entertaining concepts lined up for Tokyo image

The Japanese automaker has an entire family of concepts prepared for the Tokyo Motor Show catwalk, showing us that Japan really is the place of birth for origami and geishas.

We could actually imagine such a geisha – an origami-loving one, of course – driving the adorable vintage designed DN Compagno concept that brings the vibes of the 1960s to the XXI century. It’s by far the top billed star of the Daihatsu booth for this year’s edition of the Japanese show, and it’s an homage for the original Vignale-designed Compagno that premiered back in 1963. The prototype comes in the form of a compact four-door sedan with coupe allure, making use of modern engines such as a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine or a hybrid-assisted 1.2-liter powerplant.

Daihatsu has a full roster of entertaining concepts lined up for Tokyo 14

The other most adorable concept is the DN Pro Cargo – essentially a cute box on wheels with a focus on the commercial segment, but with an electro mobility twist. The DN U-Space concept is a bit more conventional – looking ready to hit the key car segment, so popular in Japan. Also noteworthy are the DN Trec concept – a true crossover with no off-road abilities but a hybrid-assisted 1.2-liter engine – as well as the DN Multisix, a stylish three-row minivan with room for six passengers and a slightly larger engine than the average – 1.5-liter.