The Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan is kicking off on January 14, 2017 and explaining it swiftly means we should just call it the Rising Sun SEMA – so every manufacturer is keenly interested in participating.

We’ve already seen what bigger peers such as which is preparing no less than 11 cars for the tuning show. The company is virtually bringing its entire family range at the event but they devised only four different categories – Sporza, Grand Custom, Beach Cruisin’, and Cross Field. And each will feature deeply customized variants of its most enticing models.


The Sporza series features a red exterior finish as the highlight with bolted on fenders, gold wheels, and a roll cage – providing the most aggressive look for the Daihatsu models. It was plastered over the Copen roadster, Boon hatch, Thor and Move Canbus mini-wagons. Moving on to the Grand Custom series, we saw it affecting the Thor, Tanto, and Move for a more futuristic vibe accented with dark grey and black exterior finishes, as well as light blue trim on the wheels, grille, and fog lamps. The Beach Cruisin’ series is the family friendly offer, with light blue and wood accents added to the Canbus and Boon. And then there’s the adventurous Cross Field series, with the Cast Active and Wake getting rugged with a forest green hue and orange and camouflage accents, as well as a new set of black wheels.


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