The Mira nameplate has been around in Daihatsu’s portfolio for almost three decades, but chances are you haven’t heard of it since it’s not a global model.

Instead it belongs to the kei car segment in Japan, though this all-new generation makes us think it could serve the brand well in other markets if it ever wanted to become a global player again – not just a very low-cost brand in certain emerging markets. The Mira is a very popular model at home in Japan, which is why we felt this new generation deserves our attention. The new version comes after the predecessor lasted 6 years and has a new design as well as an additional name – Mira e:S. In Japan the model can be had from 842,200 yen for the front wheel drive with CVT version, while the G SA III trim is even packing AWD and goes for 1,339,200 yen. That’s $7,388 and $11,748 (at current exchange rates).

Daihatsu Mira eS is all new, but just for Japan 1

The Mira e:S is expected to be very economical – 2.84 l/100 km or 82.8 U.S. mpg – thanks to a very small 658 cc packing a mere 49 hp (36 kW) and 57 Nm (42 pound-feet). The engine is not the only one responsible for this achievement, because the Mira e:S gets an all-new platform DNGA – remember Toyota’s TNGA, well this is the same but with D for Daihatsu – making the car very light 650 kilograms (1,433 pounds), as well as tiny – 3,395 millimeters long.


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