Daimler and Aston Martin Might Become Partners image

Daimler announced it has begun talks with Aston Martin about a possible partnership between the two automakers.

The German automaker did not offer details about this possible partnership with Aston Martin, but it is believed that the companies will join forces to co-develop electrical components and engines. The idea about this partnership sparked in 2012 when Investindustrial purchased a 37.5% stake in Aston Martin, worth £150 million.

Daimler’s Silke Walters is reported to have said: “While both sides know and respect each other very much, no decisions have been made.”

Daimler might be keen to work again with Investindustrial, as their collaboration for the marketing deal related to AMG and Ducati was successful. In 2006 Investindustrial purchased a 29.9% stake in Ducati and in 2008 it took full control of the company. The investment group managed to increase Ducati’s share of the performance bike market to 10.6% in 2011 from 4.1% in 2006.

In order to expand globally Aston Martin has to work together with a mainstream automaker, to reduce car prices and development costs. Only then will Aston Martin be able to compete with Bentley and Porsche, which are supported by VW, and Maserati and Ferrari, supported by Fiat.

Source: Auto Express