Daimler and chipmaker Qualcomm partner for car-related technology image

German automaker Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker in the world, has recently announced a deal with mobile technology provider Qualcomm Inc. surrounding new technologies for cars.

The partnership concerns the automaker’s desire to explore, research and develop wireless recharging capabilities for mobile phones in the car, as well as the sector of wireless recharging of electric autos. The decision is just a drop in the larger bid by the carmaker, mirroring bitter rivals Audi and BMW, to push the boundaries of technical expertise across software and telecommunications. All three seek to have a higher representation in the latter fields to lift their high class status of innovations in an age when technology is coming up fast as a revenue field. The automakers are also facing concerns as the regions across the globe impose new emission regulations and fuel economy standards that prevent them from increasing revenue from powertrains, once a major profit delivery source.

Daimler and Qualcomm issued a joint statement in which they described their desire to explore applications of wireless technology to recharge electric vehicles and plug in hybrids without the need of cables and sockets. “It’s important that we remain on the cutting edge of technology and continue to deliver unparalleled experiences to our customers,” commented Thomas Weber, the chief of research and development at Daimler. The two companies are also researching and developing technologies that would allow owners of the cars to charge their mobile phones without the use of a cable, while their in-car experience is also enhanced through the availability of fast, 3G/4G Internet.

Via Reuters