Daimler announces massive investments in green technologies in the next two years image

The premium German auto group is committed to put around 8 billion dollars in R&D by 2018, with the final goal of electrifying its entire lineup.

Considering the current sales trend, Daimler is likely to reemerge as the leader of the premium market at the end of 2016 through it Mercedes-Benz division. Therefore, to push for a further growth in the coming years and to stay on top, the automaker said it would invest 14.5 billion euros (16.32 billion dollars) in research and development in the next two years alone, with more than half of it to be spent on green technologies. “Just for our passenger cars, we are talking about 5.4 billion euro,” announced Thomas Weber, the person responsible for the automaker’s R&D department for the last 12 years. With this strategy, Weber promises that all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars will be electrified in the future and the brand will hit 100,000 EVs in annual sales by 2020. The expansion of the green lineup will also help the company achieve its target of a fleet average in Europe of around 100 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer by the end of the decade.

The plug-in hybrid initiative is currently in full swing with two more models set to arrive in showrooms this year, the GLC Coupe 350e and the E350e. It will also display a prototype of an electric-powered car with a 500-kilometre (310 miles) range at the Paris Motor Show this fall. The next major technological leap is planned for 2017, starting with the facelift of the S500e, a flagship that will offer an all-electric range of over 50 km (31 miles) and wireless charging system.