Daimler Buses aims at increasing sales and return to profitability this year.

Daimler Buses is relying on its major product offensive and on its implementation of the GLOBE2013 efficiency and growth program. Although the European market shows no signs of improvement, other markets, such as Brazil, are expected to begin expanding again.

“We plan to increase sales and revenues in 2013, and we will also make a profit – although the earnings situation at our European business remains challenging,” says Head of Daimler Buses Hartmut Schick.

Daimler Buses has set a sales target of more than 40,000 vehicles by 2015 and a 6% return on sales target across the entire business cycle. Last year Daimler Buses’ sales dropped among the difficult situation in key markets, selling only 32,100 units, from 39,700 in 2011. Sales of Mercedes-Benz bus chassis dropped the most in Latin America, 29% to 17,800 units last year.

In Europe, Daimler Buses sold 5,900 units, the same level as in 2011 and in Germany sales saw a slight drop to 2,040 units, from 2,210 units in 2011. The company’s total revenues dropped by 0.5 billion euro to 3.9 billion euro in 2012.

“Many of our core markets were struggling in 2012, and this was a major problem not only for us, but for other bus manufacturers as well,” says Schick. “Nevertheless, 2012 was not a lost year for Daimler, as we worked hard and accomplished a lot.”


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