Daimler-BYD concept is going to Auto China 2012 image

Daimler and BYD have recently announced their plans to introduce a new concept at the 2012 Auto China which has been made as part of a joint venture, named the BDNT (Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. Ltd.).

According to the automaker, the new concept will be an electric vehicle which will actually preview the production model. Daimler says that the production version will be launched in 2013 and the first prototypes are already under construction, being expected to make their worldwide debut at Auto China 2012. Additional information on the new electric vehicle is limited but the car is expected to have a unique appearance, showcasing BDNT’s green vision.

“In April 2012, BDNT will present at the motor show with an own appearance, showcasing BDNT’s green vision, the new brand’s identity, including brand name, logo and positioning as well as the Concept Car’s exterior and interior design. The Concept Car is going to give a first outlook on BDNT’s fully electric vehicle that is scheduled to be launched in 2013”, as Daimler says in its official press release.

Daimler and BYD are trying to put an accent on urban driving and China’s potential to become the world’s largest market for zero-emission vehicles and with EVs becoming more and more popular by the day, the automaker may be on to something which can be described in one way: profit.