Daimler CEO says EU parliament elections most important image

Politics is often a source of power or weakness for the automotive industry, with the latest example of a concerned executive being Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of Daimler AG.

The executive in charge of the destinies of the company that parents the world’s third largest premium automaker – Mercedes-Benz – is anxious that in many nations in Europe there is growing unrest and an increase in anti-European Union sentiment, just ahead of the May 25 European parliamentary elections.

“The upcoming elections are more important today than they have ever been. I personally do not believe that there is any alternative to a united Europe, one which becomes even more united than in the past,” says Zetsche. “We are at a point in time where hardship for the nations that need further transformation is much greater than for others that are currently more successful,” he adds.

According to the executive, the common progress is adamant to survival and today no European country could manage on its own, even the mighty Germany. Basically, he gave his country as an example, as 50 years ago, after the end of the Second World War, Germany was a country in ruins and today it’s the strongest economy in the region and has the single biggest automotive market.

Via Automotive News Europe