The Smart brand has been a mixed affair for Daimler, turning out unprofitable for years. Now, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche forecasts the newly developed FourFor model would be a hit, even aiding the brand turning up with money home.

The smart had a tumultuous history, after it was established jointly with Swiss watch making gurus from Swatch and then bought entirely by Daimler, fighting to establish more models in the line-up and ultimately failing to grow beyond the two door, two-seater model.

Now, the parent company has big plans for Smart – aiming at turning it around just like it did in recent years with the struggling third-placed in the premium segment Mercedes Benz.

“The new ForFour is an extended ForTwo and has all the characteristics of the new ForTwo. These include a wider interior relative to the length of the car, a rear-mounted engine and several very smart ideas of benefit to customers. So the new vehicle has all the genes of a Smart,” said Zetsche.

The new, bigger model is developed together with Renault, as part of a bigger partnership, sharing many components with the French automaker’s new third-generation Twingo – with the duo even built in the same plant, in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Via Automotive News Europe


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