Daimler considers partnering up with Google and Apple image

It was not long ago that Daimler AG together with BMW AG and Audi AG purchased Nokia’s mapping service for $3.1 billion, but it seems that the German carmaker is looking into joint ventures with Google and Apple tech giants.

Dieter Zetsche, Daimler’s Chairman, said that the automaker will not become another platform for the two companies’ software, but that a different type of partnership might happen in the future.

According to Reuters, Zetsche stated that “Google and Apple want to provide system software for cars and bring this entire ecosystem around Apple and Google into the vehicle. That can be interesting for both sides.

With the auto connectivity being one of the latest hot topics in the car business, it is without a doubt that more and better expertise is needed in the process of creating their software. This change in the market has recently turned into an opportunity for tech companies, like Google and Apple to have a taste of the car industry.
Zetsche added that:

“We don’t want to become contractors who have no direct content with customers anymore and supply hardware to third parties.”

His statement was made in close connection with the unfortunate possibility for a car to become just a device that runs the software. Daimler’s Chairman has been recently working on how to create a balance between a car and the software that comes with it. Earlier this year, he said that it might be helpful for Daimler to partner up with Sillicon Valley firms – the so called heaven for tech start-ups, and lately a no longer forbidden fruit for automakers which got on the Palo Alto train.

Data privacy remains a concern for Daimler and also for other car producers out there due to recent car hacks which have taken place. Daimler believes that it is a matter of protecting their drivers not only physically, but in terms of their personal information, which is looking to do its best job at in the close future.


By Gabriela Florea