Daimler Hires 4,500 Hourly Employees During the Summer image

Daimler will hire 4, 500 hourly employees as it will keep its plants running during the traditional summer break.

At the beginning of this month Daimler announced it will skip the traditional summer break, as models such as the revamped Mercedes-Benz E-Class, will keep the assembly lines busy, even if the auto industry heads towards a 20-year low.

“Growth in the U.S. and China more than outbalances the European slowdown for the German carmakers,” said Christian Ludwig, a Dusseldorf-based analyst with Bankhaus Lampe. “Europe is no longer as important for the German luxury-car makers as it used to be.”

Factories in China, South Africa, Hungary and Germany will keep manufacturing vehicles through the summer months. Usually, automakers stop production during the summer for two or three weeks to prepare for the new models or simply for the holiday. Mercedes’ plant in Bremen will stop production for two weeks this summer to prepare for the new C-Class sedan and wagon which are to hit the market in 2014.

“We are posting solid increases in many markets in Europe and Asia, as well as in the USA, at a time, when the new E-Class and the CLA are just entering the big markets,“ said Dr Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing.

Source: Bloomberg