Daimler India Set Up First Solar Panel Plant image

Daimler India set up its first solar panel plant in the city of Chennai.

The 300 kilowatt solar power plant will utilize polycrystalline silicon modules and will be connected to the area’s power grid. The power produced by the panel will be used by the company’s commercial vehicle production facility which started production in April 2012. Besides the manufacturing plants, Daimler India also has an integrated development and research center and also a test track in this area.

The plant in Chennai manufactures the BharathBenz trucks and has a production capacity of 36,000 units annually, but is able to produce as many as 70,000 units annually at full capacity. Daimler India invested around $750,000 in the solar panel plant, which complies with the new state regulation. The Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012 requests companies to use 3% of their electricity needs through solar energy by December 2013 and at least 6% by 2014.

“Seen with regard to the overall power demand of the plant, the panels are providing 2.8% of the current demand,” said Florian Laudan, head of communications at Daimler India. “With the price deterioration of panels and its efficiency increase, we are thinking of doing more. It will be insane not to do it. We would love to be the first green manufacturer of trucks in the world.”