Daimler is Optimistic That France Will Lift the Ban on Mercedes Vehicles image

Daimler is optimistic that France will lift the ban on Mercedes vehicles which contain the banned air conditioning coolant.

Last month France refused to register all new Mercedes A-class, B-class and SL vehicles, manufactured after June 12th, which still have the banned air-conditioning refrigerant R134a. This refrigerant has been banned by the EU officials since the beginning of the year.

Today, July 25th, a French court lifted the ban and in the 8-page summary judgment it was decided that the French environment ministry will have to reexamine the previous decision. The environment ministry has 10 days to decide if it is necessary to continue the freeze on the Mercedes vehicles.

“We welcome the positive decision of the French court, which clearly rejected the French registration authority (decision) to prevent the registration of our cars,” said a Daimler spokesman.

The KBA federal motor authority in Germany has allowed Daimler to keep using the banned R134a refrigerant, which is a global warming agent 1,000 more toxic that CO2. The German automaker said that KBA’s decision means that Mercedes vehicles which still use air conditioning coolant can be registered in any European market. If the French ban will be maintained, this will affect around 2% of Mercedes’ global sales or about 29,000 vehicles annually.

Source: Autonews