Daimler lobbyist to be investigated by prosecutors image

Ex-German state minister Eckart von Klaeden is now probed by the Berlin prosecutors over an alleged conflict of interest after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former cabinet member has started working for Daimler as a lobbyist.

Klaeden, among the former treasurers of Merkel’s Christian Democrats, announced back in May that he would quit his government post after Germany’s Sept. 22 national elections to become the chief political lobbyist at Daimler. He joined Daimler on Nov. 1.

German weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported on Sunday, without citing any source though, that Klaeden, who was known for discussing with Daimler representatives while still in politics, had access to three confidential government documents between January and May 2013 that concerned EU’s planned change of auto emissions rules.

Daimler said it had no doubts about Klaeden’s integrity. “We’re looking forward to the prosecutor’s investigation with great equanimity and have absolutely no doubts about the integrity of Eckart von Klaeden,” Joerg Howe, a spokesman for Daimler, said. The investigation by the Berlin prosecutor’s office was triggered by an anonymous report, he said.

A spokeswoman for the Berlin prosecutors told Reuters on Sunday that an anonymous complaint has been filed against Klaeden with the office, who are now investigating on the grounds of a potential acceptance of benefits.

Via Auto News Europe